Oregon trip: Sausage and peppers

My dad was returning from a 10-day camping/fishing trip with a conference in the middle, and we didn’t know what time he’d get home. Mom and I made a fun grilled meal that would hold up or reheat well once he did arrive. (He didn’t know I was coming home! It was really fun to open the door for him.)

At the farmer’s market, Mom had picked up multicolored Italian peppers, like bell peppers but long and pointy and sweeter.

We cut them into strips, cut up a bunch of onions, and embarked on a grilling adventure. Neither of us usually does the grilling, and in fact my dad is a total master of the chimney starter, coal management, etc. We had a little bit of trouble getting the coals going but eventually figured it out.


Mom also roasted a pan of chioggia beets so I could see how easy it is to do. It really is simple. She made a marinade of (I think) orange juice, thyme, oil, salt and pepper (Mom, what else was in there?), roasted the beets until tender (at what temp!?), let them cool enough that she could put on latex gloves and peel them, then sliced them and dressed them with vinaigrette. (Clearly I didn’t pay as close of attention to the technique as I should have…) We ate them for the rest of the week, with everything. And chioggias are SO pretty with their pale pink circles…


It was very summery, especially after we added a handful of the Sungolds from the garden, dressed in a light vinaigrette with some basil.



By the way, in case you weren’t already jealous of how my parents eat ALL THE TIME, check out what greeted me when I came downstairs to eat some lunch. My mom had said she’d toast some bread for me.
Panini! With perfect hatch marks and fresh tomatoes! (Um, there were a lot of ripe tomatoes. We ate them at almost every meal. And they’re like candy, so you never get sick of them.) Double-Mmm.

Next up: A pseudo-Tapas meal, with grilled artichokes (for Germi!)

6 thoughts on “Oregon trip: Sausage and peppers”

  1. OKAY – THAT’S IT! How do I get adopted into your family???? I’ll help your Mom in the garden and I’ll bait your Dad’s hooks when he goes fishing … I’m not too proud to start at the level of the 5 year old cousin!
    Everything looks amazing, but the beets really piqued my interest. Jan (my husband) is such a picky eater, and beets are one of the things he turns into a three year old about. I’ll bet he would eat these – they are so beautiful, I’m certain they are delicious, and they don’t really look like beets. I’ll sneek them into a meal – that’s how I got him to try truffles.
    Can’t wait for the ‘chokes, my friend!

  2. We’d love to have you! My mom hates gardening but loves having a nice yard, so there is definitely potential for a talent-swap! And Dad is a fly-fisherman, so he ties flies. I bet you’d enjoy and be good at that! No bait.

    Do try the beets. I want to cook a pan of them next weekend so I have them around all week. Add to salads, eat with meat, stick in sandwiches (oh, I love beets)…

  3. Kate, this is my first “blog” experience. Now I know what everyone is talking about. Knowing your mom personally, I can relate to the level of excitement and joy you project in your photos and commentary on cuisine chez Bonamici. As I ALWAYS tell your mother after having been at their home, I feel I had a trip to the spa at the very least, and Provence or Tuscany or Cinque Terra! Such talent! Such touche with the food! It has to be experienced to be believed! Enough waxing poetic. On to more blogging!

  4. Hello again Kate! I got wind of a question about the correct sequence for making mirza ghassami! Well, the proverbial chicken or egg question, n’est-ce pas? Quite honestly, I do not know if it really matters, BUT my mother-in-law taught me to start with the garlic…..add the innards of the grilled eggplant…then, a bit later, the tomato. Hope that puts the question to rest.

  5. Linda- Thanks for joining us on the blog! You’ll see that I actually wrote up the very very delicious mirza we made while I was home–you blessed us when you taught mom to cook that, honestly! And I definitely will do the eggplant first next time I do it myself; it didn’t work quite right when I did it tomatoes first.

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