Birthday treats

For my birthday, we had a delicious dinner at Alma in Brooklyn, with fantastic mexican food and margaritas and the best view of the city. I had little tamales that were *excellent* and now I’m inspired to try to make some at home.

The day after my birthday we had drinks with a bunch of friends, organized by the lovely Bridget. And the *next* night there was a games night at her house, and Brooke brought the most amazing cake (for both me and Ben, technically)! Last year she and Bridget made homemade Hostess cupcakes (I love Hostess cupcakes; they are a major guilty pleasure, though I can’t remember the last time I ate any):

Which I heartily enjoyed (I think I’m making the exact same face as in the photo on the “About Kate” page, from when I was about 3):

This year Brooke swept into Bridget’s house bearing a HUGE home made Hostess cake! Amazing, check it out (with Brooke’s hand for scale):

And then she festooned it with the prettiest candles. One more shot for good measure!

I am a lucky girl!

3 thoughts on “Birthday treats”

  1. What lovely friends you have! And what a cake!!! I see one of those in my future…
    Could one make an oversized twinkie?
    What about a Sno-ball )is that what you call the pink thing?
    But I’m sure none of those would be as good as that Hostess cake.

    Happy Birthday, Katef!
    You are a gift to all of us!

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