The bell tolls for Boerum Hill

This article in the NYTimes Style section today made me very sad for my beloved Brooklyn Neighborhood, which was rapidly gentrifying when I left last August. Apparently the ball really got rolling, though, and there’s now a Starbucks on Smith Street and Lucky Jeans where one of my favorite bars used to be. RIP, Vegas, home of free pizza on Sundays and a mediocre-but-usually-available pool table.

(Photos from the NYTimes)

4 thoughts on “The bell tolls for Boerum Hill”

  1. Just one example of that which is happening all over our dear city of NYC….gentrification, luxury condos going up everywhere….just plain ol stripping of the streets from middle class americans trying to enjoy that city which claims to be that melting pot….a microcosym, a representative slice of America.

  2. Oh man! RIP Vegas??? Say it ain’t so!

    On the upside, I know someone who actually owns an apartment around the block from there, so she should at least be seeing the upside of the property value appreciation.

  3. I hear they *may* be selling (or have already sold??) the Brooklyn Inn. Sigh. Another Starbucks?

  4. You could always move back to Eugene. Even though there are lots of Starbucks everywhere (including downtown) and all the big box stores around the edge, the City Council managed to scare off the evil Whole Foods when they wanted to build a store across from the “a href=””>new courthouse.

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