Well, we moved. And now it looks like this:


Actually that was on Thursday, and things are slightly better now, but the painter hadn’t finished when we arrived, so we have everything piled in the middle of the living and dining rooms. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to, say, unpack a few pots and pans. We’ve been eating a lot of bread (with peanut butter or butter and honey), but last night Ben grilled sausages (the ones from Whole Foods aren’t as great as the Coop ones, we’ll need to find a new supplier) and corn. The corn was delicious, incredibly sweet and a little smokey.

Peel back the husk and remove the silk.

Spread the ears with butter and pulls the husks back up.

Grill…until done. Sorry, this seems really imprecise and recipes online didn’t help. The first time I did this, with Tom and friends, we undercooked it. This time I had Ben cook it with the sausages for about the same amount of time.

Yum. And I had it with a glass of Lambic!

4 thoughts on “Moved…”

  1. I suspect that those forks are purely decorative, unless you pick the kernels off one at a time 😉

  2. Hey KFGR: Your fans would like a bit more detail on what Your Famous Palate experiences with beer pairings — wine pairings too, for that matter… 🙂

  3. Hmm, I don’t often drink beer so I don’t have too much to say–Lambic is easy; just drink it with anything that would taste good with a berry flavored soda! We tend to get in wine ruts–after the Argentina trip we were drinking Malbec when we wanted a stronger wine and Tempranillo with lighter dishes. I do like to stick to Italian wines with Italian food but other than that most of my food is pretty much “New American” or whatever you call it, so it’s about how rich the food is and how much body the wine needs to stand up to it! We don’t drink much white but I like sparkling wines (prosecco for me over champagne) with Chinese food, since I don’t love beer.

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