Avocado sandwich for one

I don’t know why I grabbed an avocado at Whole Foods last week–I like them fine, but the slidey texture annoys me in sandwiches. For some reason, though, I saw the bin, and the stickers that said “Ripe Now!” and immediately headed for the bakery to pick up a bagel, plotting an avocado sandwich for lunch the next day.

I ended up eating half the next day and half the day after–this was quite rich! On day one I toasted half the bagel, mushed the avocado a little bit with a fork, squeezed lime juice on it, piled the pieces on the bagel as neatly as I could, and added salt and pepper. It was messy but good. I wanted the lime more thoroughly mixed in, though.

On day two, I took the fork mashing much more seriously, getting the avocado to the texture of guacamole while it was still in its shell. I mixed more lime in this time, and mixed the salt in as well.

This spread very nicely onto the bagel and was considerably easier to eat. And now I’m craving it again!

The other summer bounty I am enjoying right now: Plums, put in the fridge once they’re almost too ripe so they are nice and cold.

Plums in the icebox…How very William Carlos Williams…

7 thoughts on “Avocado sandwich for one”

  1. Nothing like a good avocado and creole tomatoe sandwich with some melted sharp cheddar cheese and dijon mustard. Never thought to mush it up and add lime and salt. I’m going to try it.

  2. Mmm, yes, I think I will try adding some more stuff next time–your combo sounds awesome. Though this simple version was pretty darn tasty!

  3. MMMMMmmmmm…. avocados – just thinking about them sends me into a dreamy reverie. I ran to the store to get a bagel and an avocado the minute I first read this. When you don’t post, I don’t know what I want to eat!
    I had the most amazing avocado tree in my backyard that died about 4 years ago. It was a bacon avocado, and was so thin-skinned and rich you could eat it like an apple. Every summer we’d have at least 3 mexican food pot lucks to use up all the bounty! When she died, I wept for about a month… She shaded my house and fed me – what more can you ask from a friend?
    Hey, check my blog this coming Tues or Wed – you might see a ‘friend’ of yours there…

  4. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm. Who doesn’t LOVE a great, ripe, fresh avocado!!

  5. Ah, Kabir–always with the low-key reaction, huh?

    Germi, I can’t imagine the wonder of picking avocados out of my own yard! (Or, you know, having a yard…) Whenever I am somewhere like Florida I am stunned by the citrus trees, and the magic of those lovely fruits GROWING on TREES by the road or whatever. It just always feels like a fairytale to this Northerner! What happened to your poor tree? Could you plant another, or does it take ages for them to bear fruit?

  6. It WAS a wonder, Kate! Being able to forage in your own backyard and have the ingredients for a delicious meal is a gift we get for living in an otherwise unbearable climate. Picking fruit off a tree and eating it right there is an incredible luxury.
    My poor Avocado tree was so old – she got a fungus and her leaves all fell off, then she started bearing these strange, hard, marble-sized avocados that would never grow bigger or ripen. We called in the big guns to save tht wonderful tree, but to no avail. I would have planted another, but it would’ve taken around 10 years for it to start fruiting … I couldn’t wait that long. But all the sun I have now that she’s gone is making my vegetable garden possible! It is all a cycle …

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