Almost back

I can’t wait to post all about the week my parents spent with us over Graduation Weekend, etc. As you can imagine, there was lots of great food to be eaten while mom was in the house. Unfortunately (forthe blog, anyway), for the last five days I was in Boston, where we have closed on our apartment, and I just haven’t been able to write everything up yet.

But Sunday night, the third we spent at the new place, I made us dinner for the first time: A simple We-Haven’t-Moved-In-Yet dinner; Rising Moon ravioli (made in my home town!) with butter and cheese, bread with oil and more cheese to dip, and red wine. Here is the sophisticated dining set-up for the time being:


I accidentally bought vegan ravioli but they weren’t bad. A weird trace of curry in an otherwise italian-flavored pasta, but ok!

Up next: Packing! Wheeee. (Sigh.)

2 thoughts on “Almost back”

  1. I’ll be moved in on Thursday, though I don’t know when I can actually get cooking! Stay tuned for a bunch of updates, though, as I try to get caught up…

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