French Onion (Bacon) Soup

I had a craving for French Onion Soup a couple weeks ago, and when I bumped into Anthony Bourdain’s recipe on I figured I’d try it. Hmm. I will try it again but cut down on the bacon–it completely overpowered the onions and beef stock; the soup was far too smoky for me. After two disapointments with bacon in soup in one week, I think I’ll stick to eating it any other way I can think of instead.

A few pics:
onion-soup-ingred.jpg onions-for-soup.jpg
onion-soup.jpg onion-soup-cheesed.jpg

BTW, I used my Oxo mandoline to cut up all trillion onions (even for a half batch it was a lot!) and it made nice thin slices but I was very frustrated by the design of the grippy hand thing and how much onion you can cut on the mandoline. Hard to explain but annoying. I think solid things that won’t go to pieces will work better? But why not just use the slice blade on my cuisinart for things that won’t go to mush? I haven’t yet got the hang of having actual kitchen tools aside from my 8″ knife.

One thought on “French Onion (Bacon) Soup”

  1. Hey Kate,

    I did a Bourdain French Onion Soup recipe for New Year’s this year. I got the recipe from his Les Halles Cookbook ( I also cut down on the bacon, but the Les Halles recipe called for dark chicken stock. It was big hit. I will do it again (but I have to find the time to make the chicken stock first)

    I’ve never used my mandoline to slice onions… always used my handy 10″ Chef’s Knife.


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