Potato Leek Soup (+ masterpiece cookies)

Another quick weeknight dinner; another recipe from mom. Potato Leek Soup is one of Ben’s favorites and is almost criminally easy to make. Practically no ingredients–leeks, potatoes, some butter and a little cayenne. I think leeks are so pretty, and it was fun to see their nice geometric shapes throughout the cutting-up. Ben prepared the potatoes for me, which sped the process up even more.
leeks.jpg leeks-and-potatoes.jpg leeks-cooking.jpg potato-leek-soup.jpg

I want to experiment more with leeks while they’re still in season… Maybe while I’m home for Christmas we could make a tart of some sort, maybe with blue cheese. The trick would be cutting them up so that bites could be taken without coming away with a stringy beard of leeks!

Speaking of Ben in the kitchen, he has been doing more than brownies from a mix lately! Last week at the Coop he presented me with a bag of chocolate chips, pointed out the tollhouse cookie recipe, and asked which other things we didn’t have at home. He then made the cookies from scratch, and they turned out to be quite wonderful:

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